When you find it is difficult to start the outboards that has been stored for some time, please check the outboards carefully as instructed in our owner’s manual first .If after inspection, the outboards can’t start yet, we think you should clean the carburetor. Because the fuel in the carburetor would go bad after a long time and produce some particulate which thus affect the starting of outboards.
Besides, the fact if there is some impurity adhering to the needle of the carburetor will cause the fuel to leak from the carburetor.

Please remember to use the special washing agent to clean the carburetor and start the outboards as the follow steps:

Pull the starter rope slowly until the engine engages;

Pull rapidly to crank the engine;

Allow rope to return slowly;

Repeat until engine starts;

Push in the choke knob after the engine started.



Why it is very difficult to start some outboards after storing a period of time?

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